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Get your PRIORITY placement before your competitors do. Join Southern Pines Guide, add your company profile to the directory and promote your business.

Complete your profile, add all important information and we’ll  send people straight into your business.

How to Join Southern Pines Guide in 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill in you email, username and choose your package
  2. Click on Sign Up (Buy with PayPal)
  3. Pay for package on PayPal
  4. Check your email for login info
  5. Log in and add your business into to the Directory Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I advertise my business in Aberdeen Guide?

Aberdeen Guide is the local authority directory website that provides every Moore County business owner with a free mobile-friendly and search-optimized business listing.

Can I list Events and Special Offers?

Business (1) and Premium (unlimited) packages include Event Listings and Special Offers.

Free listings may add an offer or event for $25. 

Why should I pay for a Business or Premium listing if I can get on for free?

Our goal is to provide the most complete directory to residents and visitors so we offer all businesses and services a free listing. 

By upgrading your business, your listing placement takes priority and provides more detailed information so your listing stands out from your competitors.

Statistics show that paid business listings receive an average ROI greater than 25:1.

How will people find my listing in Aberdeen Guide?

We promote Aberdeen Guide via Social Media, Google Search and PPC (Adwords)

One of the major benefits of a Premium Listing is priority placement on both the Home page and top of the Category page. The added exposure on Social Media and Search Engines will also benefit your website search results.

Pre-sale Questions